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Social media is a virtual town square where communities gather to exchange information. For brands, social media can be cost-effective way to tell your story and to listen to your customers.  Talk to Brainbox Marketing today about your social media marketing strategy and ask how we can help.

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Did you know more than 2 billion people globally use social media but only 1.55 billion households have a television?

According to the Sensis Social Media Survey (2016):

  • 75 percent of Australians use social media.
  • Australians spend half a day a week on Facebook.
  • 50 percent of SMEs have a social media presence.
  • 80 percent of corporations have a social media presence.
social media

Social Media Analysis

social media analysis

With so many social media platforms, how do you choose the right ones for your business?

Brainbox Marketing will talk to you about your business and marketing goals and your marketing budget. From there, we will research and analyse your customers and prospects and create typical customer personas.

Based on these personas, we can recommend which social media channels will perform best for your business.

We can work with any social media platform that is relevant for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Brainbox Marketing can help your business to navigate the complicated sea of social media by:

  • Analysing and assessing which social media channels are right for your business.
  • Developing a mobile-first approach.
  • Creating and maintaining a relevant social media presence.
  • Creating engaging and relevant social media content for your audiences.
  • Creating social media advertising that will reach and engage your audience.
  • Creating relevant social media metrics to measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing.
  • Analysing the results of your social media marketing.
  • Generating ‘upper funnel’ new business leads via social media.
  • Recruiting and promoting your employer brand via social media.
Social Media services
Social Media services
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