New company website boosts sales inquiries by 40%

New wordpress site Auszac eco balsa

I was very excited to be approached by Warren Meyers, Managing Director of Auszac, to create a new company website. Following the project, I sent Warren a customer satisfaction survey and also did a quick phone Q&A with him.  There is a case study detailing our work in our portfolio. This Q&A gives a bit more context around the project.

Warren, can you describe Auszac and what you do?

New company website, Auszac, MD, Warren Meyers
Warren Meyers, Managing Director, Auszac

We have a complicated business model so ours is a difficult story to tell. Auszac grows, manufactures, distributes, exports and retails balsa wood. We also import, distribute and retail basswood plywood and microwood products. In addition to that, we have nine different brands and services. Plus we run an eCommerce store called

Auszac’s head quarters are in Adelaide, South Australia, but as a group we employ 150 people across Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia.

Do you think innovation is the reason why your business has survived and grown over the last 20 years?

For sure. We started our first eCommerce store in 2007. Back then, there weren’t any traditional manufacturing businesses with an online shop. We’re always looking for new ways to reach our customers and keep them happy.

Tell me about your old website. What problems did you want to fix?

New company website - old Auszac website
Old Auszac website

The corporate website was made back in 2007, so it looked dated. There were a couple of other problems:

  1. It didn’t tell the full story about our business.
  2. There was a lot of information on the site but it was buried deep and there were too many clicks to find it.

What was your vision for the new company website? Has it been realised?

The new company website had to clear some smoke and tell a simple and clear message about our business. I also wanted to promote the nine brands and services our company offers.

As I mentioned earlier, ours was always going to be a complex story to tell. I didn’t know how you were going to extract our story and tell it with pictures and words on a website. I think your visit to our head quarters helped. I’m more than happy you’ve met the brief.

Has the new website created any new business opportunities?

Since the new website launched three months ago I’d say our new business inquiries have increased 30-40 percent. We’ve also got one new international inquiry from someone we haven’t worked with before plus a few more inquiries from customers we already know.

What’s next for Auszac?

We want to promote the Auszac site and let it tell our story. And we need to translate the site into five more languages (Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, German and Chinese) for our export customers. Then we will shift our focus is to individually promote each of our nine brands and services.


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