Marketing Research

Do you know where you want your business to go but not sure of the best way to get there? Marketing research is the key to developing a sustainable growth strategy and competitive advantage for your business.  Information gleaned from research gives you confidence you are taking your business in the right direction.  Talk to Brainbox Marketing about how we can help.

Marketing Research

Marketing research helps you determine the best growth strategies for your business. It gives you information to guide your marketing decisions like:

  • What opportunities are there to grow our business?
  • How does our business compare with our competitors?
  • What type of customers are the most profitable?
  • Which mix of marketing channels should we use to reach our customers?

The tactical marketing campaign, like producing ads or creating a brand, is often the bit that everyone gets excited about. But research and strategy are the smarts of the marketing plan. Research supports the foundations to help you make the wisest marketing decisions.

Marketing Research

Surveys & Interviews

Brainbox Marketing provides a range of marketing research services to provide you with insightful information to support your decision-making.

Marketing Research online surveys

Online Surveys

Online surveys are a cost-effective tool to get feedback from a large audience.   Brainbox Marketing can help you created a branded survey, which can be sent via a personalised email to your database. Online surveys can be used to gather useful information like:

  • Answers on why some customers spend less or no longer do business with your company.
  • Evaluation from existing clients about your products/services, customer service and prices.
  • Reaction to new products concepts.
  • Insight on how customers rank your business against your competitors.
  • Understanding which customers are likely to recommend your business to family and friends.
Marketing research phone interviews

Phone Interviews

Phone interviews provide two-way communication, which means you can explore a topic in-depth.   They are good for a smaller sample and they can be completed quickly. Consider phone interviews to:

  • Explore topics to include in your online survey. An initial phone call can help identify ‘hot topics’ which you can then test against your whole database.
  • Re-engage key accounts or clients who have stopped using your business.
  • Investigate where your business may have gone wrong if you have lost a key account or bid.
  • Gain feedback, such as testimonials and case studies, which you can use as content for your marketing campaigns.
Marketing Research Employee Interviews

Employee Research

Employees provide great insight about your business, brand, culture and customers. They see and hear things that don’t always get passed on to management. Using an external facilitator creates a buffer between employees and management so employees to feel comfortable to express themselves openly. Employee research is a great way to:

  • Get inspiration on how your business could improve.
  • Facilitate change through your organisation.
  • Understand why projects reach a stand-still.
  • Gain insight into staff sentiment and motivations.

Desk Research

The internet makes it easy to discover a lot of intelligence about your competitors, market and industry from your desk.This information is valuable for your strategic marketing and business planning but it takes time. Brainbox Marketing can provide you with desk research, which includes independently commissioned reports from industry bodies and research organisations.

Desk Research

Competitor Research

Understanding where you sit in the marketplace relative to your competitors can help you determine your competitive advantage.  It’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business and your competitors to develop the best competitive strategy for your business. Brainbox Marketing will help you assess:

  • What offers your competitors make to attract new customers and how your business compares.
  • How your brand compares to your competitors.
  • How your website ranks in search results.
  • What marketing channels and strategies your top competitors using.

Once the research is complete, we can advise you on a competitive strategy to elevate your business.

Marketing research customer research

Customer Research

Your business records are often a valuable source of information about your customers. Brainbox Marketing can work with your business to:

  • Compare the profile of your online and offline customers and optimise your marketing and budget on activities to suit each channel.
  • Create personas that reflect your customer base and optimise your marketing activities and budget for each persona.
  • Map out the customer journey each persona takes; from creating awareness about your business through to developing a long-term relationship. Understand how, when, why, and what marketing will influence them effectively.
Marketing Research Industry Research

Market & Industry Research

If you’re ready to grow your business to the next level, market and industry research can provide information to help you select the right growth strategies. Brainbox Marketing can help you to:

  • Research and define your business’s market share.
  • Explore if there is opportunity for growth within your existing market.
  • Investigate who are the most profitable customers in your market.
  • Determine which segments or personas offer the best long-term growth potential.
  • Analyse and assess the competitive factors that will limit your growth or provide opportunities you can exploit.
  • Determine the key success factors in your industry and how your business ranks against each of these criteria.
  • Uncover what changes are happening in your industry that might limit your growth or create opportunity.

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