Marketing Goals & Metrics

If you are going to invest in marketing it is critical to know what you are aiming for. But it is also important to know how to capture data and assess your performance. Brainbox Marketing can help you set up relevant goals and measure your marketing success against your own targets and industry benchmarks.

Why Measure Results?

Marketing goals and metrics are vital. They are the link between your:

  • Business goals.
  • Marketing activities & results.
  • Marketing budget.
  • Industry benchmarks to rate your results.

The goals you set, how you measure your results and how you rate against your competitors varies by industry and marketing channel.  

Too many measurements can lead to ‘paralysis by analysis’ – you spend so much time analysing you become averse to making decisions.   And you also have to consider how you will source accurate data to measure your marketing activities.

Brainbox Marketing can help you develop a set of marketing goals and metrics which are smart, attainable, relevant, timely and can be measured using systems and processes that are cost-effective to implement and maintain.

Marketing Measurement Services

Marketing Metrics Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

Brainbox will work with your web developer to ensure Google Analytics is set up on each page of your website. We can set up marketing goals, monitor results and interpret results in plain English.

Google Search ConsoleGoogle Search Console

Google Search Console’s analytics allow you to optimise your content based on popular search terms. Brainbox Marketing can provide analysis and write web copy to optimise your organic search performance.

Marketing Metrics CRMCRM

A customer relationship management (CRM) database is one of your most valuable marketing assets.  Talk to Brainbox Marketing about how to create and use data to improve your marketing results.

Email Marketing Analytics

Use Brainbox Marketing to link email marketing campaigns to Google Analytics. We will help you to benchmark the performance of your email campaigns to previous campaigns and industry benchmarks.  

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