Email Marketing

A permission-based email database is one of the most valuable marketing assets your business can own. Brainbox Marketing can help you with email marketing, from choosing a cloud-based email service through to creating and evaluating email campaigns.

Email Strategy

Every second 2.5 million emails are sent. Despite the high volume, email marketing can be a great way to:

  • Maintain contact with prospective customers as they research your business.
  • Keep clients informed about developments in your business.
  • Promote sales or special offers to customers.

So how does your email get open and read? How does it encourage the reader to take action?

Email Marketing

Email Analysis

Email Marketing

Some Chief Marketing Officers of Fortune 100 companies were asked “If you could only have one marketing asset, what would it be?” Unequivocally, they all answered their email database.

A permission-based email database is one of the most powerful marketing assets your business can own. It is an asset because it can be used to generate income. But to perform as an asset it needs to be well-managed and meet legal and customer standards.

Brainbox Marketing will assess your:

  • Email database.
  • Email marketing processes.
  • Samples of your email marketing.

Part of our assessment is to benchmark the performance of your emails against others in your industry. Once the analysis is complete, we can provide you with recommendations on how to best manage your email marketing.

Email Marketing Services

Not every business has the time or expertise to professionally manage email marketing in-house. Brainbox Marketing can help you to:

  • Select an email service relevant for your business and customer base.
  • Develop an email marketing strategy.
  • Write authentic, interesting and customised email content that your audience will open, read and act on.
  • Create professionally designed emails for mobile and desktop.
  • Drive traffic to your website via your email campaigns.
  • Grow your database of qualified subscribers (customers, prospects & referrers).
  • Provide advice on privacy and SPAM regulations.
  • Analyse and report on results from your email marketing.
Email Marketing

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