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Auszac is an Australian grower, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of balsa wood. It also imports and retails basswood plywood and microwood timber products. To survive as a manufacturer in Australia, the business has innovated and evolved. It now has nine brands and services as well as an online store,

The Marketing Problem

Auszac’s previous site was built in 2007 and was out-of-date.

  • It was not responsive to mobile devices.
  • Information on the site did not reflect Auszac’s nine brands and services and did not clearly tell visitors what the business offers.
  • It did not allow Auszac to customise the look and feel for its nine brands and services.
  • The old site was a static brochure. There were no ‘calls to action’ for visitors to request a quote.
  • Auszac exports to global markets and the old site was only available in English.  Auszac needed a platform that would allow content to be translated into six different languages.
  • Google analytics was not installed so Auszac didn’t have data on visitors to the site.
  • It did not tell the Auszac story with purpose and authenticity.

Our Brief

Our job was to create a website to inform and engage Auszac’s customers and prospects by telling an interesting story visually, and in words.

Our Process

The project was a collaboration between Auszac, Brainbox Marketing and our wonderful creative web developers. As part of our consultation, we visited Auszac’s manufacturing facility in Adelaide to get a first-hand appreciation of their company, work and people. Brainbox’s role was to:

  • Write a comprehensive technical brief outlining the requirements. This incorporated our thoughts on how to market Auszac’s nine brands and services on separate landing pages.
  • Build the new site. We worked iteratively, publishing and editing one page at a time so Auszac could see exactly what they were getting. This enabled them to give their feedback on each section as we built the site.
  • Develop some of the content (budget was tight so Auszac developed some content in-house). This included testimonials, images, body copy and calls to action.
  • Discover and repurpose great content that was isolated on one social media page or filed away where customer’s couldn’t see it.


The new site tells a more comprehensive and interesting Auszac story. Each brand and service has its own page with a customised look and feel. The site uses rich media, such as video, to engage visitors. Since the site was launched in July 2017, Auszac has seen:

  • 30-40% increase in new business inquiries for its nine brands and services via the website, phone and email.
  • Traffic directed from to Auszac’s e-commerce site, balsa, which has converted into sales.
  • 50 percent of new users finding the site via organic search, saving valuable marketing and advertising budget.

Read more about this case study in our blog.

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