Centre for Ethical Leadership – Lead Generation

The Centre for Ethical Leadership teaches leaders to develop a way of thinking that ensures effective action, without compromise to the integrity or worth of others.  This case study illustrates our strategy and execution of a lead generation program to generate new enrolments for the Centre’s Ethical Leadership Program.

The Marketing Problem

The Centre for Ethical Leadership (CEL) offers educational programs for leaders in corporates, social organisations and government.

The Centre needed a systematic way to generate enrolments for its Ethical Leadership Program. It’s a fantastic program but it had a low profile and was calling out for better communication to sell all that the course delivers.

There was also no social proof from alumni about the value they gained from the program.


Our Brief

Brainbox Marketing Director, Michelle Le Cornu, was engaged to work in-house and as a consultant with the Centre for Ethical Leadership.

Her brief was to clearly communicate what the Ethical Leadership Program is and to generate enrolments in the program, particularly from the corporate sector.

Our Process

Michelle’s first step was to talk with the faculty to learn more about the program. She then conducted a desk audit of all the marketing collateral the Centre used to promote the program, and identified the gaps.

Michelle developed a comprehensive marketing program, which included:

  • Video – create a 2 minute explainer video using faculty and program participants to discuss and explain what the Ethical Leadership Program is and what benefits it delivers.
  • Campaign Landing Page – in addition to the Centre’s website, create a stand-alone campaign landing page designed solely to capture leads. Brainbox Marketing created several variations of the landing page and conducted an A/B test to pick which landing page generated the most leads.
  • Brochure – re-writing the content, updating images, elaborating on the curriculum and adding testimonials to provide evidence that it was a worthwhile program.
  • Social media – both organic posts and sponsored content on LinkedIn and Facebook.


The campaign resulted in new enrolments for the program from the corporate, social and government sectors and cost less than $8 per lead.

Moving forward, the Centre has a repeatable campaign with a complete set of marketing tools, which the in-house team can repeat each time the Ethical Leadership Program is run.

The campaign also created some great social proof, including endorsement from alumni on social media, website and in the video.


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